Recent Calls
Tue. Apr 6th 2021
Shortly before noon Hanover Township Fire/Rescue was sent to the SB Route 29 on ramp to Interstate 81 NB for the report of a tractor trailer rollover. Fire Command, Rescue 5, and Engine 6 quickly wen...
Tue. Jul 7th 2020
In the early evening of July 7, Hanover Township FD's Water Rescue Team was dispatched on the Primary Assignment to assist Plymouth Borough FD on the report of a person swimming in the river who w...
Tue. Mar 10th 2020
For the second time in as many days Hanover Township Fire and Medic 9 were dispatched for a 2 vehicle MVA with entrapment on New Commerce Blvd in the area of the Chewy Fulfillment Center. Units arrive...
Mon. Mar 9th 2020
Hanover Township Fire and Medic 9 were dispatched to S Main St near the "Park and Ride" in the Preston Section of the Township for the reported 2 vehicle MVA, 1 vehicle rollover with 2 entra...
Sat. Dec 14th 2019
In the early morning hours of December 14 , Hanover Township Fire/Rescue and Medic 9 were sent to the vicinity of the Route 29 Highway overpass to the Sans Souci Parkway for a report of a vehicle roll...
News Headlines
Sat. May 15th 2021
Engine 3 was acquired from the Sugar Notch Fire Co. as part of an intra-governmental agreement for Fire Protection services with the Borough of Sugar Notch and the Sugar Notch Fire Co. Engine 3 will b...
Fri. Jan 1st 2021
The HTFD is starting off 2021 on a high note. With assistance from Hanover Township Manager Sam Guesto and the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners we are proud to announce the acquisition of a new...
Wed. Sep 23rd 2020
After the hiring process was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are finally starting to get back to normal and on track. This past week the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners have voted ...
Thu. Jul 23rd 2020
The Hanover Township Fire Department would like to extend a special thank you to Jr. Fire Chief Brian Lyons. Brian stopped by Fire Headquarters with an un-expected donation to our Department. For thos...
Thu. Jul 9th 2020
Between 2330 hrs on July 8 and 0030 hrs on July 9 unknown persons vandalized the flag pole area and stole an American Flag and a Black and Red Firefighter Memorial Flag that was flying in honor of a r...
COVID-19 Press Release
Thu. Mar 26th 2020

Hanover Township Fire Department
Informational Release
March 26,2020

We wish to take a few minutes of your time in regards to the COVID-19 issues that our community is currently faced with.

Your Fire and Rescue Department with support and teamwork from the Township Administrator Sam Guesto, Township Commissioners, Township Municipal Staff, Department of Public Works in addition to our Medical and Police Services is confident that the hands on measures and operating procedures we have in place will provide us with the tools we need to safely navigate through this unfortunate issue at hand. We have been communicating on a daily basis in addition to sharing our resources and supplies with each other so we can keep everyone safe. We are receiving daily updated information internally about COVID-19 and we are using it as a tool to upgrade any responses we may be faced with.

We have taken the approach to secure access to the fire stations, North, South and Fire Headquarters, in an effort to keep our first responders safe. There is no reason for anyone to approach the fire stations looking for information as it is available through many social media outlets from the Hanover Township Fire Department​, Hanover Township Police Department​, and Hanover Township Community Ambulance. If you have a true emergency please call 911.

We truly appreciate the efforts from the community to ensure we are safe by the outpouring of support we have seen in the form of phone calls, text messages, etc. in addition to the donations of food, refreshments, etc. from the local establishments. These are the types of practices that make us true Americans and make us stronger on a regular basis.
We are asking for your continued support by practicing all of the guidelines that have been available from the onset of the COVID-19 situation. It is so important that you practice these guidelines so that this virus can become short lived. Unfortunately, in travels throughout the township in the last few weeks it has been noted that the grocery stores are to the point of overflowing at times. Please use your best judgement and follow the guidelines below:

** Stay home unless it is an absolute necessity that requires you to go out. ** Utilize hand sanitizer as often as possible when available. ** Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds. ** Practice social distancing of 6 feet from others if you must go out.
** Sneeze or cough into your elbow.
** Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth. ** If you have received notice that you are COVID-19 positive however do not have serious symptoms, please call your doctor, not 911. By doing this you could provide emergency room space for someone who truly needs care. **If you have need to call 911, please be prepared to answer questions about traveling, having contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or naturally if you have tested positive. You should offer any symptoms that you may be experiencing so that all responses can be handled appropriately to protect the first responders.
**If you are coughing or sneezing and have symptoms of the flu-like illness, please wear a mask or face covering to protect those who may be coming to assist you.

We, hopefully with the next posting can indicate that the community and country as a whole have defeated COVID-19 and that everyone can return to what we know as a normal lifestyle.

Yours in Emergency Services,

Hanover Township Fire and Rescue 

Joseph Temarantz Jr, Department Chief

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81 entries in the News

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