Recent Calls
Tue. Apr 6th 2021
Shortly before noon Hanover Township Fire/Rescue was sent to the SB Route 29 on ramp to Interstate 81 NB for the report of a tractor trailer rollover. Fire Command, Rescue 5, and Engine 6 quickly wen...
Tue. Jul 7th 2020
In the early evening of July 7, Hanover Township FD's Water Rescue Team was dispatched on the Primary Assignment to assist Plymouth Borough FD on the report of a person swimming in the river who w...
Tue. Mar 10th 2020
For the second time in as many days Hanover Township Fire and Medic 9 were dispatched for a 2 vehicle MVA with entrapment on New Commerce Blvd in the area of the Chewy Fulfillment Center. Units arrive...
Mon. Mar 9th 2020
Hanover Township Fire and Medic 9 were dispatched to S Main St near the "Park and Ride" in the Preston Section of the Township for the reported 2 vehicle MVA, 1 vehicle rollover with 2 entra...
Sat. Dec 14th 2019
In the early morning hours of December 14 , Hanover Township Fire/Rescue and Medic 9 were sent to the vicinity of the Route 29 Highway overpass to the Sans Souci Parkway for a report of a vehicle roll...
News Headlines
Fri. Jan 1st 2021
The HTFD is starting off 2021 on a high note. With assistance from Hanover Township Manager Sam Guesto and the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners we are proud to announce the acquisition of a new...
Wed. Sep 23rd 2020
After the hiring process was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are finally starting to get back to normal and on track. This past week the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners have voted ...
Thu. Jul 23rd 2020
The Hanover Township Fire Department would like to extend a special thank you to Jr. Fire Chief Brian Lyons. Brian stopped by Fire Headquarters with an un-expected donation to our Department. For thos...
Thu. Jul 9th 2020
Between 2330 hrs on July 8 and 0030 hrs on July 9 unknown persons vandalized the flag pole area and stole an American Flag and a Black and Red Firefighter Memorial Flag that was flying in honor of a r...
Wed. Jun 3rd 2020
With the passing of Chaplain / Firefighter Joseph Nealon Jr. a huge void has been left in the backbone of our department's operations when it comes to ceremonial event's, parade's, and mem...
137 Engine 1
2017 E-One Typhoon
Engine 1 is a 2017 E-One Typhoon Pumper
Currently housed at Fire Headquarters
Seating for 5 Firefighters
Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera
4 Gas Meter
EMS Equipment
Forcible Entry Tools
137 Engine 2
1993 KME Renegade Engine
Engine 2 is a 1993 KME Renegade Custom Pumper that is currently housed at North Station. Prior to being placed into use at the North Station this engine was previously utilized as Engine 4 out of Franklin Hose Company that was stationed on Lee Park Ave and then out of the shared quarters in Breslau. Recent upgrades have a new compliment of LED lights throughout the apparatus as well as, audible warning devices, lettering, and additions to cab configurations.

Seating For 6 Firefighters
1,250 GPM
1,000 Gallon Water Tank
6- Scott 4.5 SCBA's
Bullard Eclipse LDX Thermal Imaging Camera
100 Ft 1 1/2 Trash Line equipped with POK Nozzle
100 Ft 1 1/2 Trash Line equipped with a TFT Transformer Piercing Nozzle
2- 200 Ft 1 3/4" Pre-Connect Attack Lines with Smooth Bore Nozzle
200 Ft 2 1/2" Pre-Connect Attack Line with Smooth Bore Nozzle
200 Ft 3" Blitzfire Pre-Connect
1,200 Ft of 5" Supply Line
14' Roof Ladder
24' Extension Ladder
EMS Bag w/Oxygen Equipment
Automated External Defibulator
Exhaust Fan
Glass Master
Holmatro Hydraulic Combi Tool with Power Plant
Rapid Deployment ProPak Foam System
10 gallons AR-AFFF 3-6% Foam
Pet Oxygen Masks
Portable Streamlight Battery Powered Light Tower
Multiple Engine company Hand Tools
137 Engine 3
2008 GMC/ KME Mini Pumper
Primary RIT Response vehicle. Engine 3 is equipped with 6 Scott SCBA's , and a multitude of RIT Equipment as well as other front line equipment. Engine 3 was placed into service in April of 2021 and is housed at Fire Headquarters
137 Engine 6
2000 Smeal/Spartan Cab
Spartan Cab with seating for 5 firefighters
5-Scott 4.5 SCBA's
Pre-Piped Deck Gun
On-Board Generator With Scene Lighting
1,500 GPM
1,000 Gallon Water Tank
2-200' 1 3/4" Attack Lines
1-150' 1 3/4" Foam Attack Line
1-100' 2 3/4" Trash Line
1- 200' 2" Attack Line
1-200' 2 1/2" Attack Line
1-200' 3" Blitzfire Preconnected
1,200 5" Supply Line
1-14' Roof Ladder
1-24' Extension Ladder
Multiple Sets of Engine & Truck Co. Tools.
Rope Rescue Equipment
1-Lukas Portable Power Unit
1-Lukas Hydraulic Spreader
1-Lukas Hydraulic Cutter
1-Lukas Hydraulic Ram
1-Stihl Chainsaw
1-Gaining Access Kit
Equipped with Step-Choks and Crbbing
137 Fire Command
2020 Dodge RAM 1500 SSV
Command 137 is a 2020 Dodge RAM 1500 Classic SSV upfitted by 10-8 Emergency Vehicles and New Holland Auto Group. Through cooperative efforts Command 137 was purchased to replace the former command unit that was turned over the the Department's Fire Police Division.

Command 137 features a crew cab with short bed and utility cap. A decked inner bed pullout tray stores equipment neatly and is easily accessible. The unit is equipped to maintain full incident command of all operations according to Hanover Twp's SOP.

Command 137 is equipped with some of the following...
Hurst Edraulic Strong Arm Tool
PW Can / AB Dry Chemical Extinguisher
Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera
Medical Equipment and AED
Pet Oxygen Supplies
MCI and Incident Command Equipment
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Kit
4 Gas & Chlorine Meters
Infrared Industrial Thermometers
Vehicle Access and Lockout Kit
Residential and Commercial Lockout/Tagout Kits
137 Fire Police - 1
2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
This vehicle formerly served as the Duty Officer / Fire Command unit until the end of 2020 when it was turned over to the Department's Fire Police Division to allow for the Fire Police to have a reliable vehicle to carry much needed equipment for operations on incident scenes.
137 Fire Police-2
2008 Ford Expedition Modified By KME
Currently utilized as a support unit. This unit previously served as the Duty Officer/Command Unit.
137 Heavy Brush 6
1983 American General 5 TON
137 Ladder 4
2009 KME 75' AerialCat Quint
75' Quint
500 Gallon Tank
2000 GPM pump
1- 100 Ft 1 3/4" Piercing Nozzle
1- 150 Ft 1 3/4" Trash Line
1- 150 Ft 1 3/4" Attack Line
1- 200 Ft 1 3/4" Attack Line
1- 200 Ft 2 1/2" Attack Line
1- 200 Ft 3" Blitzfire
1- 150 Ft 1 3/4" High-Rise Pack
1,000 Ft of 5" Supply Line
144 Ft of Ground Ladders
8- Scott 4.5 SCBA's
1- Large PPV Fan
2- Exhaust Fans
Multiple Engine & Truck Co. Tools
1- Rotary Saw
1- Univent Roof Saw
1- Stihl Chainsaw
1- Bullard T4Max Thermal Imaging Camera
1- Multi-gas meter
1- Stokes with Bridal Bar Set-up
1- Chimney Sweep Kit
1- Ems Bag
1- Incident Command Equiptment

Click the link below to view the Fire Apparatus Magazine Article on Truck 4 , authored by FDNY Lt. Mike Ciampo
137 Light Brush 2
2009 Ford F-350
This unit is not currently in service and is housed at the North Station.
137 Light Brush 3
2007 Chevrolet Silverado
Housed @ Fire Headquarters
137 Light Brush 6
1979 GMC Heavy Duty
- Various lengths of 1/2 inch cotton Forestry Hose
- Chain Saws
- Leaf Blowers
-Various Hand Tools
- Multiple Indian Water Tanks
- Garden Hose
- Wildland Line Pack
- Drip Torches
137 Rescue 5
1998 E-One Cyclone
8- Scott 4.5 SCBA's
Cascade with 6 6,000 PSI Cylinders
Hurst Rescue Equiptment:
1- Trimo Pump with 2 100 Ft Preconnected Reels
1- Set of Hurst 32" Spreaders
1- Hurst Gold Series Cutters
3- Hurst Rams, 3 different assorted sizes
1- Hurst Maverick Tool
1- Hurst Combi Tool
1- Hurst Mini Mate Simo Portable Power Unit
1- Hurst E-Draulic Spreader
1- Hurst E-Draulic Cutter
1- Hurst E-Draulic Ram
1- Hurst StrongArm Battery Powered Combi-Tool
Various Rope Rescue / High Angle Rescue Equipment

Rescue Co #5 responds to all incidents requesting the HTFD Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)
137 Rescue Boat 1 & Rescue Boat 2
2019 Zodiac Mil-Pro Rescue Boat
40 h.p Evenrude Jet Motor
40 h.p Yamaha Jet Motor
137 Utility 7
2008 Ford F-350
137 Water Rescue
2010 Ford / KME Utility Truck
Throw Bags
Ice Rescue Sled
Stokes Basket
Portable Generator
Wet Suits
Dry Suits
Rescue Disks
Throw Bags
Assortment of PFD Vests
Medical Equipment
Underwater Search Camera's x 2
Special Operations Trailer
2008 Haulmark Trailer
House at South Station. This trailer contains all equipment for Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Weather & Flooding Incidents.

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